Nikki Calmes –  I am from Gramercy, LA but have been living in Watson for 15 years. When I’m not shopping, I am a Real Estate Expert for Keller Williams Realty where I currently run one of the highest producing teams in the region. I really enjoy a good glass of wine and bargain shopping on Amazon, of course which ultimately led to this fun group! Speaking of the group, if it wasn’t for Crystal sending me a link for a free pair of pajamas recently, which she claims is better than Kim’s $250 kitchen-aide, there wouldn’t be one.

Crystal Ivy – I am from Baton Rouge and currently living in Watson, LA.
I run our family’s Construction company during the day and become Mommy & Wife when I get home. I hate wine, long drives and paying full price for anything. Don’t compliment me on my outfit because I’ll embarrass my husband and tell you the shirt was $3 and my Juicy Couture jeans are from Dirt Cheap. I have no shame.

Kim Bercegeay –  I reside in the small shopped but became community Watson, Louisiana. I work in a large Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as a Respiratory Therapist 3 days a week and I am a chauffeur to my busy children the other 4 days a week. I have always bargain obsessed during my texts from Crystal telling me to “**RUN** Go get your free item now with a promo code”. The most memorable “deal” has been our $20 mixer deal. Nikki and I were driving in Baton Rouge traffic in the middle of an intersection and putting in promo codes! During my free time, I love posting deals on Amaholics to share with others!